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Helps to Prevent Burnout

Usually, it takes from 3 to 6 months for the burnout process to reach a critical stage.
Find out in advance about the degree of burnout, even before the employee realizes the problem himself.
Make sure you have time to make high-quality management decisions. Reduce your staff turnover by 70% in the first year of using AtTrack.

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How does AtTrack Recognize Employee Burnout?

How does Burnout Occur?

Helps to Prevent Burnout

What data does AtTrack collect

Advantages for both the manager and the employee

With professional burnout, people’s patterns of behavior at the computer change.

For instance, a person begins to type each character a fraction of a second faster, scroll more dynamically with the mouse or touchpad or reduces the number of breaks during the working day etc.

When the burnout reaches its peak, the activity decreases sharply. At this stage, it is already much more difficult to help an employee cope with it and help to restore productivity.

  • The system accumulates information about typical patterns of user behavior. This allows AtTrack to determine deviations from the typical picture of the working day, their nature and dynamics.
  • At the early stages, the manager may not notice that the employee is starting to burn out, but if nothing is done, there is a high probability of losing an employee within a year.
  • The level of user activity at the computer
  • The level of effectiveness of the online and offline services used
  • The number and frequency of pauses in work during the day
  • The amount information that users delete
  • Increase in the amount of manually added working time
  • Other anomalies in the working patterns
  • AtTrack organically increases productivity and reduces the stress of procrastination by providing transparent information about the composition of the working day, giving the employee the opportunity to flexibly manage the workflow himself.
  • AtTrack gives the manager a correlation analytics tool for making operational and high-quality management decisions.

How it Works?

You are starting to use AtTrack in your company to:

  • Keep track of the working hours
  • Give the opportunity for to apply a flexible schedule for your employees
  • Increase the productivity of office and remote teams
  • Measure the tasks to improve the accuracy of project evaluation
  • Minimise micromanagement and the volume of the paperwork
  • After 3 months, the „Burnout“ module becomes available to you, which will provide information about the typical working day of each employee and behavioral deviations, with suggestions that will help save valuable personnel and increase the lifespan of employees in the company by 130%.


Payment for this module starts after 3 months of using AtTrack. Price of this module is $10 per user per month.