Blurring screenshots

The "Blur" function makes it possible to blur screenshots. Private data or other confidential information can get on the screenshot and be read by the management. To avoid this, we suggest using image blurring. When blurred, the image on the screen will be clear, but the text information will be unreadable.

Blur can be enabled by the Administrator by default for all users of the company in the “Working day screenshots” module.

Activation flow:

  1. Go to the “Modules” section
  2. Press on the “Working day screenshots”. How to connect the module is described in detail HERE
  3. Check the “Enable blur for all users” box
  4. Press “Save”

The screenshot blur setting is enabled for all users and will be active by default when adding new users to the project. 

The function is not available for users with the Observer role. Access cannot be taken away from the Project manager and Administrator. 

The rights to access the blur can be disabled for employees by the Administrator or the Project manager.

 If you want to apply the function to certain people only: 

  1. Go to “Projects”
  2. Select a project from the list
  3. Click on it

4. Inside the project click on “Settings” 

5. Select from the list of project participants the employee who needs to disable access to the blur and uncheck the box next to his name in the "Blur screenshots” column

Blurring screenshots has become unavailable for the employee! 

You can find out how to enable the screenshot blur function in the Desktop application HERE.