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Processing Requests for Adding Working Time

There are situations when an employee does not interact with the computer however he/she still works. For example, you can participate in a meeting, communicate with clients or colleagues, or do a paperwork. In this case, the employee can send a request to add working time.

The Administrator or Manager of the project that the request was sent to can process requests for adding time.

  1. Go to the "Requests" section. On the “Add time requests” tab, select the request you want to process from the list.
  1. Check the details of the request.

Note the description of the task. It most likely indicates the reason why the employee sent the request.

  1. To accept the request and add time to the employee, click “Confirm”. To reject the request and cancel adding time, click "Reject".

★ You have successfully processed the request to add time. The employee received an e-mail
notification about the decision. You can view the history of all requests on the “Request log” tab in the “Requests”section.

Possible problems and solutions:

  • Can I change my decision after processing the request?

You can't change the decision on a request. If you rejected a request that should have been approved, you can add time to the employee yourself. If you have granted a request that should be canceled, you can delete this time. You can read how to delete the recorded time here.