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Active Window Autofill

Now you don’t have to reselect the task you’re working on every time. The auto-fill active window feature helps you keep track of everything you do in any application, software or website. Stop wasting valuable time.

Effective Time Tracking

Make sure that your team doesn’t waste time on useless apps and track the time efficiently. Avoid micromanagement You don’t have to be rude, but you are still able to ask even uncomfortable questions to your employees and help them to increase their productivity within a time tracker.

Team Pefrormance Managment

Track time which your team spends on different tasks. Control complicated tasks in order to stay tuned while any obstacles appear. Don’t hesitate to intervene and make significant decisions as fast as you can without protractions.


Would you like to know what your employee is really doing at the moment? With screenshots you always have a complete picture of what the employee is doing.

App Tracking

If you know the apps, which are useful for your team, you can track how much time exactly was spent on them. Now you don’t need to irritate and bother your employees to get a proof of their work and engagement in task solving. 

Offline Time Tracking

With Offline Work Time Management you’ll be able to collect accurate data on the time you spend away from your computer. Add your time manually and specify the reason for your absence. This way you can know what your employee was doing and mark it as productive, unproductive, or neutral.


Build your ideal time tracker for yourself and pay only for the features that are relevant to you. Only you decide what should be your best tool for time tracking.

Reports and Invoicong

Get a time tracking report as soon as possible. Time tracking reports  are easily generated and can be tangled with one or different aspects of your project’s tasks. For instance, billing, time tracking or productivity measurements report.


Use a time tracker with popular task managers and track the effectiveness of your projects.

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