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Get a complete picture of the team’s work by connecting Jira projects to AtTrack time tracking app.

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Time Sync with Jira

  • Tracking is available for each Jira project. You can filter the projects by their status and issue type
  • Simply synchronise your Jira account with AtTrack in our settings
  • Easily switch between the projects without stopping the timer. Pick the task and start tracking — it’s that easy!
  • Connection between Jira and AtTrack projects
  • Automatic task reflection from Jira to AtTrack+ the time tracked in AtTrack automatically gets displayed in Jira·        
  • No copy-pasting between the apps. Focus on the big, while AtTrack takes care of little. The integration is so smooth that you will fail to notice
  • Keep track of every hour of your team in one place
  • Track the status of the projects in real time
  • Customize your reports by groups and filters
  • Billing clients is now easier thanks to export features. Stay on budget with the reports: understand the time consumption of each project and calculate their cost.
  • Automatic time integration between Jira and AtTrack
  • Created tasks and projects in Jira are mapped to AtTrack
  • Track working time with reports right from Jira. Estimate your employees’ productivity based on received data from the reports. Learn exactly how much time it takes for each to work on a certain task.

Using Time Tracking Features in Jira

Set the timer on a Jira task

Pick the task from the list. A drop down menu shows the name of the task that you can edit if necessary. Press Start or Change button.

Start timer on a task

As soon as you click the Start or Change button, AtTrack begins tracking your working time. Pay attention that the overall time spent on the task will be shown both in AtTrack and Jira after you press Stop or Change button.

Edit the information, if needed

Easily change the name of the project, task and shortcuts while still keeping a connection with Jira.

Look at a time report

AtTrack reports are able to display the time manually added in the app as well as from various external softwares.

Setup time sync with Jira

AtTrack lets you download all the data to Jira app without any manual input. You can set up this feature in the Jira module settings. The time spent in AtTrack will be updated automatically to Jira every hour.

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