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Canceling Sending a Screenshot to the Server

AtTrack takes screenshots of the screen every 10 minutes. If there was something personal on the screen when the screenshot was taken, you can cancel sending it to the server. In this case, no one will see the screenshot, but 10 minutes will not be counted as a working time.

  1. When a new screenshot is takes, a window appears in the upper-right corner of the screen for 10 seconds. To cancel sending a screenshot, click the “Discard " button in this window.

If you don't click any of the two buttons for 10 seconds, the screenshot will be automatically sent to the server.

★ You have successfully canceled sending the screenshot to the server.

Possible problems and solutions:

  • Can I restore a screenshot after I cancel sending it?

This is not possible. The screenshot file is permanently deleted.

  • Can I delete a screenshot after it has been sent to the server?

You can delete the screenshot in the AtTrack web application. You can read how to go from the desktop app to the web application here. You can read how to delete a screenshot in the web application here.

  • I don’t see a window with buttons.

Check the settings of your application. You can read how to check the screenshot window view setting here.